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Platform Notes: The dmfe Fast Ethernet Device Driver




1. The dmfe Device Driver

Hardware Overview

Operating Speeds and Duplex Modes


2. Setting Parameters Temporarily or Permanently


The Order of Precedence for the Parameter Settings

Setting Parameters Temporarily Using ndd

Identifying Devices On the Command Line

Displaying the Available Parameters Using ndd

Viewing the Current Setting for a Parameter

Setting a New Value for a Parameter

Specifying a Particular Speed and Duplex Setting

Returning to Auto-Negotiation Mode

Setting Parameters Permanently Using the dmfe.conf File

Using dmfe.conf To Set Parameters for All dmfe Devices in a System

Using dmfe.conf to Set Parameters for a Particular Device

3. Forcing the Network Speed and Duplex Settings for OBP If You Are Booting From the Network

Forcing the Speed and Duplex Mode If You Are Booting From the Network

Booting From the Network

A. Parameter Definitions

Driver Parameter Values and Definitions

Inspecting the Current Status of the Device

Operational Mode Parameters

B. Application Programming Interface