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Platform Notes: The hme FastEthernet Device Driver




1. The hme Device Driver

Supported Hardware

Hardware Overview

Operating Speeds and Modes


2. Configuring the Driver Software

Installing the Driver Software

Configuring the Hostname File

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Configure the Hostname File

Booting From the Network

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Boot From the Network

Optional Post-Installation Procedures

Setting Driver Parameters

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Force Network Speed Between 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps

local-mac-address Property

3. Parameter Definitions

Driver Parameter Values and Definitions

Defining the Current Status

Inter-Packet Gap Parameters

Defining an Additional Delay Before Transmitting a Packet Using lance_mode and ipg0

Operational Mode Parameters

Selecting the Internal or External Transceiver

Operational Mode Priorities

Defining the Number of Back-to-Back Packets to Transmit

Reporting Transceiver Capabilities

Reporting the Link Partner Capabilities

4. Setting Parameters

Parameter Setting Options

Setting Parameters Using ndd

Identifying Device Instances

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Specify the Device Instance for the ndd Utility

Non-Interactive and Interactive Modes

Using the ndd Utility in Non-Interactive Mode

Using the ndd Utility in Interactive Mode

Setting Forced Mode

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Select One Local Transceiver Capability and Setting Forced Mode

Setting Auto-Negotiation Mode

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Set the Mode to Auto-Negotiation

Setting Parameters in the /etc/system File

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Set the ipg1 to 10 and ipg2 to 5 When Rebooting

Setting Parameters Using the hme.conf File

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Set ipg1 to 20 and ipg2 to 10 in SBus Slot 0xe

Setting Driver Parameters for PCI-Bus hme Interfaces Using hme.conf

procedure iconsmall space To Configure Driver Parameters With PCI-Bus Based Systems

A. Auto-Negotiation

The Auto-Negotiation Protocol

Boot Process on the Network

Correcting Errors in Negotiating

Internal (Local) Transceiver

External Transceiver

B. Driver Parameters

Driver Parameter Definitions

C. Troubleshooting

Common Problems

How do I force the adapter to run at a particular speed?

How do I change the IP address for my network interface?

How do I change the hostname for my network interface?

How do I configure another IP address or subnet for my network interface?

How do I know if my network interface is up? I can not ping the device.

How do I determine the current speed of my adapter?

I moved the board to another slot, but ifconfig does not work

Is the new card recognized by the system?

Which instance did the network adapter move to?

Error Messages

No response from Ethernet network : Link down -- cable problem?

Driver is busy with upper layer

Parallel detection fault

Transceiver does not talk MII or "Transceiver isolate failed

No transceiver found

Dev not used - dev in slave only slot

Failed to initialize hardware/driver

External Transceiver: anar not set with speed selection