Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide

Scenario—RAID-0 (Concatenation) Volume

Figure 8–2 illustrates a concatenation volume that is built from three components (slices). It also illustrates how data is written onto the volume components according to the interlace size and onto each slice sequentially.

The data blocks are written sequentially across the components, beginning with Slice A. You can envision Slice A as containing logical data blocks 1 through 4. Disk B would contain logical data blocks 5 through 8. Drive C would contain logical data blocks 9 through 12. The total capacity of volume would be the combined capacities of the three slices. If each slice were 2 Gbytes, the volume would have an overall capacity of 6 Gbytes.

Figure 8–2 RAID-0 (Concatenation) Volume Example

Diagram shows how interlace widths are taken from each slice
(all widths from one slice, then all from the next) and presented as a single volume.