System Administration Guide: IP Services

DHCP Manager Features

DHCP Manager, a Java™ technology-based GUI tool, provides a DHCP Configuration Wizard. The configuration wizard starts automatically the first time you run DHCP Manager on a system that is not configured as a DHCP server. The DHCP Configuration Wizard provides a series of dialog boxes that prompt you for the essential information required to configure a server: data store format, lease policy, DNS/NIS/NIS+ servers and domains, and router addresses. Some of the information is obtained by the wizard from system files, and you only need to confirm that the information is correct, or to correct information, if necessary.

When you progress through the dialog boxes and approve the information, the DHCP server daemon starts on the server system. You are then prompted to start the Add Addresses Wizard to configure IP addresses for the network. Only the server's network is configured for DHCP initially, and other server options are given default values. You can run DHCP Manager again after the initial configuration is complete to add networks and modify other server options.

See Configuring and Unconfiguring a DHCP Server Using DHCP Manager for more information about the DHCP Configuration Wizard. See About DHCP Manager for more detailed information about DHCP Manager.