System Administration Guide: IP Services

ProcedureHow to Plan for Mobile IP

When you configure the mipagent.conf file for the first time, you need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Depending on your organization's requirements for its hosts, determine what functionality your Mobile IP agent can provide:

    • Foreign agent functionality only

    • Home agent functionality only

    • Both foreign agent and home agent functionality

  2. Create the /etc/inet/mipagent.conf file and specify the settings you require by using the procedures that are described in this section. You can also copy one of the following files to /etc/inet/mipagent.conf and modify it according to your requirements:

    • For foreign agent functionality, copy /etc/inet/mipagent.conf.fa-sample.

    • For home agent functionality, copy /etc/inet/mipagent.conf.ha-sample.

    • For both foreign agent and home agent functionality, copy /etc/inet/mipagent.conf-sample.

  3. You can reboot your system to invoke the boot script that starts the mipagent daemon. Or, you can also start mipagent by typing the following command:

    # /etc/inet.d/mipagent start