System Administration Guide: IP Services

Pool Section

Mobile nodes can be assigned dynamic addresses by the home agent. Dynamic address assignment is done within the mipagent daemon independently of DHCP. You can create an address pool that can be used by mobile nodes by requesting a home address. Address pools are configured through the Pool section in the configuration file.

The Pool section contains the BaseAddress and Size labels. The Pool section has the following syntax:

[Pool pool-identifier]
     BaseAddress = IP-address
     Size = size

Note –

If you use a Pool identifier, then it must also exist in the mobile node's Address section.

You use the Pool section to define address pools that can be assigned to the mobile nodes. You use the BaseAddress label to set the first IP address in the pool. You use the Size label to specify the number of addresses available in the pool.

For example, if IP addresses through are reserved in pool 10, the Pool section has the following entry:

[Pool 10]
     BaseAddress =
     Size = 100

Note –

Address ranges should not encompass the broadcast address. For example, you should not assign BaseAddress = and Size = 60, because this range encompasses the broadcast address

The following table describes the labels and values that are used in the Pool section.

Table 29–3 Pool Section Labels and Values






First address in the address pool



Number of addresses in the pool