System Administration Guide: Network Services

Changing the sendmail Configuration (Task Map)



For Instructions 

Building a sendmail configuration file

Use this procedure to modify your file. An example of how to enable domain masquerading is included.

How to Build a New File

Setting up a virtual host 

Steps to configure sendmail so that mail is accepted for more than one domain. 

Setting Up a Virtual Host

Setting up automatic rebuilding of the sendmail configuration file 

Use this procedure to modify the sendmail service so that the and configuration files are automatically rebuilt after an upgrade.

How to Automatically Rebuild a Configuration File

Running sendmail in the open mode.

Use this procedure to modify the sendmail service properties to enable the open mode. 

How to Use sendmail in the Open Mode

Setting SMTP to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) 

Use this procedure to enable SMTP to have secure connections with TLS. 

How to Set SMTP to Use TLS

Managing mail delivery with an alternate configuration 

Use this procedure to prevent mail delivery problems that can occur if the master daemon is disabled. 

How to Manage Mail Delivery by Using an Alternate Configuration of