System Administration Guide: Network Services

Before You Set Up a PPPoE Tunnel

Your preconfiguration activities depend on whether you configure the client side or server side of the tunnel. In either instance, you or your organization must contract with a telephone company. The telephone company provides the DSL lines for clients, and some form of bridging and possibly an ATM pipe for access servers. In most contracts, the telephone company assembles its equipment at your site.

Before Configuring a PPPoE Client

PPPoE client implementations usually consist of the following equipment:

Many different DSL configurations are possible, which depend on the user or corporation's needs and the services that are offered by the provider.

Table 16–6 Planning for PPPoE Clients



If setting up a home PPPoE client for an individual or yourself, get any setup information that is outside the scope of PPPoE. 

Ask the telephone company or ISP for any required setup procedures. 

If setting up PPPoE clients at a corporate site, gather the names of users who are being assigned PPPoE client systems. If you configure remote PPPoE clients, you might be responsible for giving users information about adding home DSL equipment. 

Ask management at your company for a list of authorized users. 

Find out which interfaces are available on the PPPoE client. 

Run the ifconfig -a command on each machine for interface names.

(Optional) Obtain the password for the PPPoE client. 

Ask users for their preferred passwords. Or, assign passwords to the users. Note that this password is used for link authentication, not for UNIX login. 

Before Configuring a PPPoE Server

Planning for a PPPoE access server involves working with the telephone company that provides your connection to its data service network. The telephone company installs its lines, often ATM pipes, at your site, and provides some sort of bridging into your access server. You need to configure the Ethernet interfaces that access the services that your company provides. For example, you need to configure interfaces for Internet access, as well as the Ethernet interfaces from the telephone company's bridge.

Table 16–7 Planning for a PPPoE Access Server



Interfaces that are used for lines from data service network 

Run the ifconfig -a command to identify interfaces.

Types of services to provide from the PPPoE server 

Ask management and network planners for their requirements and suggestions. 

(Optional) Types of services to provide to the consumers 

Ask management and network planners for their requirements and suggestions. 

(Optional) Host names and passwords for remote clients 

Ask network planners and other individuals at your site who are responsible for contract negotiations. The host names and passwords are used for PAP or CHAP authentication, not for UNIX login.