System Administration Guide: Network Services

Example of a Configuration for a PPPoE Tunnel

This section contains an example of a PPPoE tunnel, which is used as an illustration for the tasks in Chapter 20, Setting Up a PPPoE Tunnel (Tasks). Though the illustration shows all participants in the tunnel, you only administer one end, either the client side or server side.

Figure 16–5 Example of a PPPoE Tunnel

The graphic shows
an example of a PPPoE tunnel to be
used in tasks, as explained in the
next context.

In the sample, MiddleCo wants to provide its employees with high-speed Internet access. MiddleCo buys a DSL package from Phone East, which, in turn, contracts with service provider Far ISP. Far ISP offers Internet and other IP services to customers who buy DSL from Phone East.

Example of a PPPoE Client Configuration

MiddleCo buys a package from Phone East that provides one DSL line for the site. The package includes a dedicated, authenticated connection to the ISP for MiddleCo's PPPoE clients. The system administrator cables the prospective PPPoE clients to a hub. Technicians from Phone East cable the hub to their DSL equipment.

Example of a PPPoE Server Configuration

To implement the business arrangement FarISP has with Phone East, the system administrator at FarISP configures the access server dslserve. This server has the following four interfaces: