System Administration Guide: Network Services

Before You Set Up the Dial-in Server

Before you configure a dial-in server, gather the information that is listed in the following table.

Note –

The planning information in this section does not include information to be gathered about authentication or PPPoE. For details about authentication planning, refer to Planning for Authentication on a Link. For PPPoE planning, refer to Planning for DSL Support Over a PPPoE Tunnel.

Table 16–3 Information for a Dial-in Server



Maximum modem speed 

Refer to documentation that was provided by the modem manufacturer. 

User names of people who are permitted to call the dial-in server 

Obtain the names of the prospective users before you set up their home directories, as discussed in How to Configure Users of the Dial-in Server.

Dedicated IP address for PPP communications 

Obtain an address from the individual at your company who is responsible for delegating IP addresses.