System Administration Guide: Network Services

Example of a Configuration for Dial-up PPP

The tasks to be introduced in Chapter 17, Setting Up a Dial-up PPP Link (Tasks) execute a small company's requirement to let employees work at home a few days a week. Some employees require the Solaris OS on their home machines. These workers also need to log in remotely to their work machines on the corporate Intranet.

The tasks set up a basic dial-up link with the following features:

The next figure shows the link that is set up in Chapter 17, Setting Up a Dial-up PPP Link (Tasks).

Figure 16–1 Sample Dial-up Link

Figure shows
the sample link to be used in dial-up
tasks. The following context describes
the sample link.

In this figure, a remote host dials out through its modem over telephone lines to Big Company's Intranet. Another host is configured to dial out to Big Company but currently is inactive. The calls from remote users are answered in the order received by the modem that is attached to the dial-in server at Big Company. A PPP connection is established between the peers. The dial-out machine can then remotely log in to a host machine on the Intranet.