System Administration Guide: Network Services

Solaris PPP 4.0 Basics

Solaris PPP 4.0 implements the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), a data link protocol, which is a member of the TCP/IP protocol suite. PPP describes how data is transmitted between two endpoint machines, over communications media such as telephone lines.

Since the early 1990s, PPP has been a widely used Internet standard for sending datagrams over a communications link. The PPP standard is described in RFC 1661 by the Point-to-Point Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). PPP is commonly used when remote computers call an Internet service provider (ISP) or a corporate server that is configured to receive incoming calls.

Solaris PPP 4.0 is based on the publicly available Australian National University (ANU) PPP–2.4 and implements the PPP standard. Both asynchronous and synchronous PPP links are supported.

Solaris PPP 4.0 Compatibility

Various versions of standard PPP are available and in wide use throughout the Internet community. ANU PPP-2.4 is a popular choice for Linux, Tru64 UNIX,and all three major BSD variants:

Solaris PPP 4.0 brings the highly configurable features of ANU PPP-2.4 to machines that run the Solaris operating system. Machines that run Solaris PPP 4.0 can easily set up PPP links to any machine that runs an implementation of standard PPP.

Some non-ANU-based PPP implementations that successfully interoperate with Solaris PPP 4.0 include the following:

Which Version of Solaris PPP to Use

Starting with the Solaris 9 release, Solaris PPP 4.0 is the PPP implementation that is supported. The Solaris 9 release and the Solaris 10 release do not include the earlier Asynchronous Solaris PPP (asppp) software. For more information, refer to the following:

Why Use Solaris PPP 4.0?

If you currently use asppp, consider migrating to Solaris PPP 4.0. Note the following differences between the two Solaris PPP technologies:

Solaris PPP 4.0 Upgrade Path

If you are converting an existing asppp configuration to Solaris PPP 4.0, you can use the translation script that is provided with this release. For complete instructions, refer to How to Convert From asppp to Solaris PPP 4.0.

Where to Go for More Information About PPP

Many resources with information about PPP can be found in print and online. The following subsections give some suggestions.

Professional Reference Books About PPP

For more information about widely used PPP implementations, including ANU PPP, refer to the following books:

Web Sites About PPP

Go to the following web sites for general information about PPP:

Requests for Comments (RFCs) About PPP

Some useful Internet RFCs about PPP include the following:

To obtain copies of PPP RFCs, specify the number of the RFC on the IETF RFC web page at

Man Pages About PPP

For technical details about the Solaris PPP 4.0 implementation, refer to the following man pages:

Also, see the man page for pppdump(1M). You can find the PPP-related man pages by using the man command.