System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

NIS-to-LDAP Transition Terminology

The following terms are related to the implementation of the N2L service.

Table 15–1 Terminology Related to the N2L Transition



N2L configuration files 

The /var/yp/NISLDAPmapping and /var/yp/ypserv files that the ypserv daemon uses to start the master server in N2L mode. See the NISLDAPmapping(4) and ypserv(4) man pages for details.


In the context of the N2L service, the term map is used in two ways: 

  • To refer to a database file in which NIS stores a specific type of information

  • To describe the process of mapping NIS information to or from the LDAP DIT


The process of converting NIS entries to or from LDAP DIT entries. 

mapping file 

The NISLDAPmapping file that establishes how to map entries between NIS and LDAP files.

standard maps 

Commonly used NIS maps that are supported by the N2L service without requiring manual modification to the mapping file. A list of supported standard maps is provided in Supported Standard Mappings.

nonstandard maps 

Standard NIS maps that are customized to use mappings between NIS and the LDAP DIT other than the mappings identified in RFC 2307 or its successor. 

custom map 

Any map that is not a standard map and therefore requires manual modifications to the mapping file when transitioning from NIS to LDAP. 

LDAP client 

Any traditional LDAP client that reads and writes to any LDAP server. A traditional LDAP client is a system that reads and writes to any LDAP server. A Solaris LDAP naming services client handles a customized subset of naming information. 

LDAP naming services client 

A Solaris LDAP client that handles a customized subset of naming information. 

N2L server 

An NIS master server that has been reconfigured as an N2L server by using the N2L service. Reconfiguration includes replacing NIS daemons and adding new configuration files.