System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

NIS-to-LDAP Commands, Files, and Maps

There are two utilities, two configuration files, and a mapping that are associated with the N2L transition.

Table 15–2 Descriptions of N2L Commands, Files, and Maps




A utility that assists with the creation of the NISLDAPmapping and ypserv configuration files. This utility is not a general-purpose tool for the management of these files. An advanced user can maintain the N2L configuration files or create custom mappings by using a text editor to examine and customize the inityp2l output. See the inityp2l(1M) man page.


A utility that converts standard NIS maps to approximations of the equivalent NIS source files. The primary use for ypmap2src is to convert from an N2L transition server to traditional NIS. See the ypmap2src(1M) man page.


A configuration file that specifies the mapping between NIS map entries and equivalent Directory Information Tree (DIT) entries in LDAP. See the NISLDAPmapping(4) man page.


A file that specifies configuration information for the NIS–to–LDAP transition daemons. See the ypserv(4) man page.


A mapping used by yppasswdd to read and write password aging information to the DIT when the NIS-to-LDAP transition is implemented.