System Administration Guide: Security Services

The uid_aliases File

The uid_aliases file contains a list of multiple user accounts that share the same user ID (UID). Normally, ASET warns about such multiple user accounts because this practice lessens accountability. You can allow for exceptions to this rule by listing the exceptions in the uid_aliases file. ASET does not report entries in the passwd file with duplicate UIDs if these entries are specified in the uid_aliases file.

Avoid having multiple user accounts share the same UID. You should consider other methods of achieving your objective. For example, if you intend for several users to share a set of permissions, you could create a group account. You could also create a role. The sharing of UIDs should be your last resort, used only when other methods cannot accomplish your objectives.

You can use the UID_ALIASES environment variable to specify an alternate aliases file. The default file is /usr/aset/masters/uid_aliases.