System Administration Guide: Security Services

Choosing Which Tasks to Run: TASKS

Each task that ASET performs monitors a particular area of system security. In most system environments, all the tasks are necessary to provide balanced security coverage. However, you might decide to eliminate one or more tasks.

For example, the firewall task runs at all security levels, but takes action only at the high security level. You might want to run ASET at the high security level, but you do not require firewall protection.

You can set up ASET to run at the high security level without the firewall feature. To do so, edit the TASKS list of environment variables in the asetenv file. By default, the TASKS list contains all of the ASET tasks. To delete a task, remove the task-related environment variable from the file. In this case, you would delete the firewall environment variable from the list. The next time ASET runs, the excluded task is not performed.

In the following example, the TASKS list with all of the ASET tasks is displayed.

TASKS=”env sysconfig usrgrp tune cklist eeprom firewall”