System Administration Guide: Security Services

ipc Token

The ipc token contains the System V IPC message handle, semaphore handle, or shared-memory handle that is used by the caller to identify a particular IPC object.

The ipc token has three fields:

Note –

The IPC object identifiers violate the context-free nature of the Solaris audit tokens. No global “name” uniquely identifies IPC objects. Instead, IPC objects are identified by their handles. The handles are valid only during the time that the IPC objects are active. However, the identification of IPC objects should not be a problem. The System V IPC mechanisms are seldom used, and the mechanisms all share the same audit class.

The following table shows the possible values for the IPC object type field. The values are defined in the /usr/include/bsm/audit.h file.

Table 31–7 Values for the IPC Object Type Field





IPC message object 


IPC semaphore object 


IPC shared-memory object 

The praudit -x command shows the fields of the ipc token:

<IPC ipc-type="shm" ipc-id="15"/>