System Administration Guide: Security Services

Using the Key Management Framework (Task Map)

The Key Management Framework (KMF) enables you to centrally manage public key technologies.



For Instructions 

Create a certificate. 

Creates a certificate for use by PKCS #11, NSS, or SSL. 

How to Create a Certificate by Using the pktool gencert Command

Export a certificate. 

Creates a file with the certificate and its supporting keys. The file can be protected with a password. 

How to Export a Certificate and Private Key in PKCS #12 Format

Import a certificate. 

Imports a certificate from another system. 

How to Import a Certificate Into Your Keystore

Imports a certificate in PKCS #12 format from another system. 

Example 15–2

Generate a passphrase. 

Generates a passphrase for access to a PKCS #11 keystore or an NSS keystore. 

How to Generate a Passphrase by Using the pktool setpin Command