System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

NIS+ cred Table in Detail

Credential information for principals is stored in a cred table. The cred table is one of the 16 standard NIS+ tables. Each domain has one cred table, which stores the credential information of client machines that belong to that domain and client users who are allowed to log into them. (In other words, the principals of that domain.) The cred tables are located in their domains' org_dir subdirectory.

Caution – Caution –

Never link a cred table. Each org_dir directory must have its own cred table. Never use a link to some other org_dir cred table.

For users, the cred table stores LOCAL credential information for all users who are allowed to log into any of the machines in the domain. The cred table also stores DES credential information for those users that have the domain as their home domain.

You can view the contents of a cred table with the niscat command, described in Chapter 19, Administering NIS+ Tables.

The cred table, as shown in Table 12–3, has five columns.

Table 12–3 NIS+ cred Table Credential Information

NIS+ Principal Name 

Authentication Type 

Authentication Name 

Public Data 

Private Data 

Column Name 







Fully qualified principal name 



GID list 



Fully qualified principal name 


Secure RPC netname 

Public key 

Encrypted Private key 

The Authentication Type column, determines the types of values found in the other four columns.