System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

NIS+ Keys

NIS+ keys are used to encrypt NIS+ related information.

This chapter assumes that you have an adequate understanding of the NIS+ security system in general, and in particular of the role that keys play in that system. See Chapter 11, NIS+ Security Overview for more information.

For a complete description of NIS+ key-related commands and their syntax and options, see the NIS+ man pages. (The nisaddcred command also performs some key-related operations. See Chapter 12, Administering NIS+ Credentials for more information.)

Note –

The NIS+ service is managed by the Service Management Facility (SMF). Administrative actions on the NIS+ services, such as enabling, disabling, or restarting, can be performed by using the svcadm command. See NIS+ and the Service Management Facility for more information about using SMF with NIS+. For an overview of SMF, refer to Chapter 18, Managing Services (Overview), in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration. Also refer to the svcadm(1M) and svcs(1) man pages for more details.