System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

NIS+ Access Rights – Review

As described more fully in NIS+ Access Rights, there are four types of NIS+ access rights:

Keep in mind that these rights logically evolve down from directory to table to table column and entry levels. For example, to create a new table, you must have create rights for the NIS+ directory object where the table will be stored. When you create that table, you become its default owner. As owner, you can assign yourself create rights to the table which allows you to create new entries in the table. If you create new entries in a table, you become the default owner of those entries. As table owner, you can also grant table level create rights to others. For example, you can give your table's group class table level create rights. In that case, any member of the table's group can create new entries in the table. The individual member of the group who creates a new table entry becomes the default owner of that entry.