System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Turning Off Password Aging in NIS+

There are two ways to turn off password aging for a given user:

Turn off aging while allowing user to retain current password

passwd -x -1 username

Force user to change password at next login, and then turn off aging

passwd -x 0 username

This sets the max value to either zero or -1 (see Setting a Password Age Limit in NIS+ for more information on this value).

For example, to force the user mendez to change passwords the next time he logs in and then turn off password aging you would type the command:

station% passwd -x 0 mendez

Note –

You can also use Solaris Management Console to set this parameter for a user's password.

You can also use the nistbladm command to set this value. For example, to turn off password aging for the user otsu and allow her to continue using her current password, you would type:

station1% nistbladm -m `shadow=0:0:-1:0:0:0:0' [name=otsu],passwd.org_dir

For additional information on using the nistbladm command, see nistbladm Command.