System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Logging In to an NIS+ Domain

Logging in to a system is a two-step process.

ProcedureHow to Use Passwords

  1. Type your login ID at the Login: prompt.

  2. Type your password at the Password: prompt.

    (To maintain password secrecy, your password is not displayed on your screen when you type it.)

    If your login is successful you will see your system's message of the day (if any) and then your command-line prompt, windowing system, or normal application.

Login incorrect Message

The Login incorrect message indicates that:

Password will expire Message

If you receive a Your password will expire in N days message (where N is a number of days), or a Your password will expire within 24 hours message, it means that your password will reach its age limit and expire in that number of days (or hours).

In essence, this message is telling you to change your password now. (See Changing Your NIS+ Password.)

Permission denied Message at Login

After entering your login ID and password, you may get a Permission denied message and be returned to the login: prompt. This means that your login attempt has failed because an administrator has either locked your password, or terminated your account, or your password privileges have expired. In these situations you cannot log in until an administrator unlocks your password or reactivates your account or privileges. Consult your system administrator.