System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Warning Weeks

You can add a WARNWEEKS default to the /etc/defaults/passwd file set the number of weeks prior to a password becoming invalid due to aging that user is warned. for example, if you have set the MAXWEEKS default to 9, and you want users to be warned two weeks before their passwords become invalid, you would set the MAXWEEKS default to 7.

There is no point in setting the WARNWEEKS default unless you also set a MAXWEEKS default.

Remember that WARNWEEKS are counted forward from the date of the user's last password change, not backwards from the MAXWEEKS expiration date. Thus, WARNWEEKS must always be less than MAXWEEKS and cannot be equal to or greater than MAXWEEKS.

A WARNWEEKS default will not work unless there is also a MAXWEEKS default.

To set the warning time period, type the appropriate number of weeks after the equal sign on the WARNWEEKS= line.


Where Nis the number of weeks. For example, WARNWEEKS=1.