System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Changing the Time-to-Live of an NIS+ Table Entry

To change the time-to-live of entries, use the indexed entry format. You can use any of the options, -A, -L, or -P.

nischttl [-ALP] time-to-live \
 [column=value,...], \

Note –

C-shell users should use quotes to prevent the shell from interpreting the square brackets ([]) around the column value as a meta character.

These examples are similar to those above, but they change the value of table entries instead of objects:

client% nischttl 86400 '[uid=99],'
client% nischttl 24h `[uid=99],'
client% nischttl 2d1h1m1s `[name=fred],'