System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

ProcedureHow to Change an NIS+ Server's Preference Number

  1. Run nisprefadm with the -m server=server(new) option.

    #nisprefadm -L|-G -C name -m oldserver=newserver(n)


    • -L|-G determines whether you are modifying a local file or a global table.

    • -C name is the IP number of a subnet or the name of a machine. This option is only used when you are also using the -G option. The modifications you make with this command apply to the subnet or machine that you name.

    • -m is the modify server list option.

    • old server is the name of the server whose preference number you want to change.

    • new server(n) is the server name and its new preference number.

    For example, on the deneb machine, to change the number given to the replica6.manf server to 2 in deneb's local client_info file:

    deneb# nisprefadm -L -m replica6.manf=replica6.manf(2)