System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

ProcedureHow to Remove NIS+ Servers From Preference Lists

To remove one or more servers from a preference list:

  1. Run nisprefadm with the -r option.

    #nisprefadm -L|-G -C name -r servers


    • -L|-G determines whether you are modifying a local or a domain-wide server list.

    • -C name is the IP number of a subnet or the name of a machine. This option is only used when you are also using the -G option. The preferred servers you remove with this command apply to the subnet or machine that you name.

    • -r removes the named servers from the list.

    For example, in the domain's global client_info table, to remove the replica3 and replica6.manf servers for the machine polaris:

    polaris# nisprefadm -G -C polaris -r replica3 replica6.manf