System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

nisbackup Syntax

The nisbackup command uses the following syntax:

nisbackup [-v][-a] backupdir objects


The nisbackup command takes the following options.

Table 21–1 Options for the nisbackup Command




Verbose mode. This mode provides additional information 


All. Backs up all NIS+ directory objects that the server is master of. This includes any sub-domain directory objects that this server is the master for. Note that directory objects of subdomains that have their own master servers will not be backed up. 

The nisbackup command must be run on the master server for the NIS+ directory objects you are backing up.

When specifying NIS+ directory objects to be backed up, you can use full or partially qualified directory names.

When you back up multi-level directories, the backup files for lower level directories are automatically placed in subdirectories of the target backup directory.