System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

NIS+ User Problems

This section describes NIS+ problems that a typical user might encounter.

NIS+ User Problem Symptoms

NIS+ User Cannot Log In

There are many possible reasons for a user being unable to log in:

(See nsswitch.conf File Requirements for Passwords for further details.)

NIS+ User Cannot Log In Using New Password


Users who recently changed their password are unable to log in at all, or are able to log in on some machines but not on others.

Possible Causes:

NIS+ User Cannot Remote Log In to Remote Domain


User tries to rlogin to a machine in some other domain and is refused with a “Permission denied” type error message.

Possible Cause:

To rlogin to a machine in another domain, a user must have LOCAL credentials in that domain.


Run nismatch username.domainname. cred.org_dir in the other domain to see if the user has a LOCAL credential in that domain.


Go to the remote domain and use nisaddcred to create a LOCAL credential for the user in the that domain.

NIS+ User Cannot Change Password

The most common cause of a user being unable to change passwords is that the user is mistyping (or has forgotten) the old password.

Other possible causes: