System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

auto_home NIS+ Table

The auto_home table is an indirect automounter map that enables an NIS+ client to mount the home directory of any user in the domain. It does this by specifying a mount point for each user's home directory, the location of each home directory, and mount options, if any. Because it is an indirect map, the first part of the mount point is specified in the auto_master table, which is, by default, /home. The second part of the mount point (that is, the subdirectory under /home) is specified by the entries in the auto_home map, and is different for each user.

The auto_home table has two columns.

Table 23–1 auto_home Table





Mount point 

The login name of every user in the domain 



Options & location 

The mount options for every user, if any, and the location of the user's home directory 

For example:

costas barcelona:/export/partition2/costas

The home directory of the user costas, which is located on the server barcelona, in the directory /export/partition2/costas, would be mounted under a client's /home/costas directory. No mount options were provided in the entry.