System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

ProcedureHow to Create an NIS+ Replica

Before You Begin

Before you run nisserver to create a replica, be sure the following prerequisites have been met.

You need the following information to run nisserver.

  1. Run the nisserver -R command as superuser (root) on the NIS+ domain's master server.

    client2# nisserver -R -d -h client3
    This script sets up an NIS+ replica server for domain
    Domain name
    NIS+ server :client
    Is this information correct? (type 'y' to accept, 'n' to change)

    In this example, client2 is the master server. The -R option indicates that a replica should be configured. The -d option specifies the NIS+ domain name ( in this example). The -h option specifies the client machine (client3, in this example) that will become the replica. Notice that this machine is still a client of the domain and not a client of the domain.

    See How to Create an NIS+ Root Replica for the rest of this script's output.