System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Initializing NIS+ Subdomain Client Machines

After the master server's tables have been populated from files or NIS maps, you can initialize an NIS+ client machine. This section shows you how to initialize an NIS+ client in the new domain using the nisclient script with default settings. The NIS+ client machine is a different machine from the NIS+ master server.

Note –

The -i option used in How to Initialize an NIS+ Subdomain Client Machine does not configure an NIS+ client to resolve host names requiring DNS. You need to explicitly include DNS for clients in their name service switch files.

You use the same procedure to initialize a client in the new domain as you do to initialize a client in the root domain. This example shows you only what you would type to initialize a client for the new domain. For the rest of the script's output, see How to Initialize a New NIS+ Client Machine.

ProcedureHow to Initialize an NIS+ Subdomain Client Machine

Before You Begin

Before you use the nisclient script to initialize a client machine, be sure the following prerequisites have been met.

You need the following information to run nisclient.

  1. Type the following command as superuser to initialize the new client on the new client machine.

    subclient1# nisclient -i -d -h client2
    Initializing client subclient1 for domain “”.
    Once initialization is done, you will need to reboot your machine.
    Do you want to continue? (type 'Y' to continue, 'N' to exit this script)

    The -i option initializes a client. The -d option specifies the new NIS+ domain name. (If the domain name is not specified, the default becomes the current domain name.) The -h option specifies the NIS+ server's host name.

    See How to Initialize a New NIS+ Client Machine for the rest of this script's output.