System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Diffie-Hellman Extended Key

NIS+ offers increased security at the RPC(3N) layer beyond 192 bit Diffie-Hellman (RPC(3N) security flavor AUTH_DH) using the RPCSEC_GSS RPC(3N) security flavor. See the nisauthconf command for a list of which security mechanisms are available on the system. Along with more stringent cryptographic strength, these security mechanisms also provide integrity for each NIS+ transaction. That is, the data for each NIS+ transaction is verified that it has not been modified.

System administraters can take advantage of the more stringent security mechanisms either by running nisauthconf before the NIS+ server environment is constructed or after, using the guidelines below.

Note –

AUTH_DH was formerly referred to as AUTH_DES.