Solaris Smartcard Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Start the Smartcard Console From the CDE Desktop

  1. Log in as root to the Common Desktop Environment (CDE).

    If you are currently running CDE under your login name, exit CDE and log in as root.

    Note –

    If you log in as a regular user, you can run Smartcard, but you can only perform two tasks: Load Applets and Configure Applets.

  2. Verify that the ocfserv daemon is enabled.

    The following command provides the status of the service.

    # svcs network/rpc/ocfserv

    Note –

    Before you make any changes to Smartcard, you must make sure that the ocfserv daemon is enabled.

  3. (Optional) If necessary, enable the ocfserv daemon.

    # svcadm enable network/rpc/ocfserv
  4. On the CDE control panel, click the up arrow on the Applications subpanel.

    By default, the Text Note icon, a pinned note with a pencil above the note, represents the Application's subpanel.

  5. Select Applications to display the Application Manager.

  6. Double-click the System_Admin icon in Application Manager.

  7. Double-click the Smart Card icon to start the Smartcard Console.

    You might have to scroll down to find the Smart Card icon.

See Also

You can also start the Smartcard Console from the desktop Workspace menu. sdtsmartcardadmin should be found at the top level or in the Tools submenu.