Solaris Smartcard Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Start the Smartcard Console From the Command Line

  1. Log in as root or su to root.

    Note –

    If you log in as a regular user, you can run Smartcard, but you can only perform two tasks: Load Applets and Configure Applets.

  2. Verify that the ocfserv daemon is enabled.

    The following command provides the status of the service.

    # svcs network/rpc/ocfserv

    Note –

    Before you make any changes to Smartcard, you must make sure that the ocfserv daemon is enabled.

  3. (Optional) If necessary, enable the ocfserv daemon.

    # svcadm enable network/rpc/ocfserv
  4. Start the Smartcard Console:

    # /usr/dt/bin/sdtsmartcardadmin &

    Note –

    Before you su to root, you might need to disable X server access control, because root is not granted access by default. Disable X server access control by running /usr/openwin/bin/xhost +hostname where hostname is the local host. After starting the Smartcard Console, run xhost -hostname to enable access control again.