System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

Oracle Solaris ZFS Support for Swap Area and Dump Devices

If you select an Oracle Solaris ZFS root file system during an initial software installation, or if you use the Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade to migrate from a UFS root file system to a ZFS root file system, a swap area is created on a ZFS volume in the ZFS root pool. Swap volume size is calculated as half the size of physical memory, but no more than 2 Gbytes and no less than 512 Mbytes. Dump volume size is calculated by the kernel based on dumpadm information and the size of physical memory. You can adjust the sizes of your swap and dump volumes in a JumpStart profile or during an initial installation to sizes of your choosing as long as the new sizes support system operation. For more information, see ZFS Support for Swap and Dump Devices in Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide.

If you need to modify your ZFS swap area or dump area after installation, use the swap or dumpadm commands, as in previous releases.

For information about managing dump devices in this document, see Managing System Crash Dump Information.