Solaris Containers: Resource Management and Solaris Zones Developer's Guide

Pools Properties

All pool properties are writable. (writable boolean)

If TRUE, mark this pool as active.

pool.comment (writable string)

User description of pool.

pool.default (writable boolean)

If TRUE, mark this pool as the default pool. See the system.bind-default property.

pool.importance (writable integer)

Relative importance of this pool. Used for possible resource dispute resolution. (writable string)

User name for pool. setproject(3PROJECT) uses as the value for the project.pool project attribute in the project(4) database.

pool.scheduler (writable string)

Scheduler class to which consumers of this pool are bound. This property is optional and if not specified, the scheduler bindings for consumers of this pool are not affected. For more information about the characteristics of an individual scheduling class, see priocntl(1). Scheduler classes include:

  • RT for realtime scheduler

  • TS for timesharing scheduler

  • IA for interactive scheduler

  • FSS for fair share scheduler

  • FX for fixed priority scheduler