Solaris Containers: Resource Management and Solaris Zones Developer's Guide

Processor Set Properties

pset.comment (writable string)

User description of resource.

pset.default (read-only boolean)

Identifies the default processor set.

pset.escapable (writable boolean)

Represents whether PSET_NOESCAPE is set for this pset. See the pset_setattr(2) man page.

pset.load (read-only unsigned integer)

The load for this processor set. The lowest value is 0. The value increases in a linear fashion with the load on the set, as measured by the number of jobs in the system run queue.

pset.max (writable unsigned integer)

Maximum number of CPUs that are permitted in this processor set.

pset.min (writable unsigned integer)

Minimum number of CPUs that are permitted in this processor set. (writable string)

User name for the resource.

pset.size (read-only unsigned integer)

Current number of CPUs in this processor set.

pset.sys_id (read-only integer)

System-assigned processor set ID.

pset.type (read-only string)

Names the resource type. Value for all processor sets is pset.

pset.units (read-only string)

Identifies the meaning of size-related properties. The value for all processor sets is population.

cpu.comment (writable string)

User description of CPU