System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Access to Applications in the Oracle Java Web Console

After you successfully log in to the web console, you might not automatically have access to all of the applications that are registered in that console. Typically, applications are installed so that all users can see them in the console launch page. As an administrator, you can grant and restrict access to applications.

To restrict access to an application, specify the rights in the authTypes tag, which is in the application's app.xml file. You can find the application's app.xml file in the installation-location/WEB-INF/ subdirectory. Typically, this directory would be located in /usr/share/webconsole/webapps/ app-context-name/WEB-INF.

If the application files are not in the usual location, you can locate the files by using the following command:

wcadmin list --detail -a

This command lists each deployed application, showing when it was deployed and the path to the application's base directory. The app.xml file is located in the subdirectory WEB-INF within the base directory.

For more information, see Specifying Authorizations With the authTypes Tag.