System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

ProcedureHow to Add a Diskless Client in Oracle Solaris 10

Use this procedure to add a diskless client after you have added OS services. Unless otherwise noted, this procedure includes general information for both the SPARC and x86 platforms.

  1. Become superuser or assume an equivalent role.

    Roles contain authorizations and privileged commands. For more information about roles, see Configuring RBAC (Task Map) in System Administration Guide: Security Services.

  2. Add the diskless client.

    # /usr/sadm/bin/smdiskless add -- -i 
    ip-address -e ethernet-address 
    -n client-name -x os=
    -x root=/export/root/client-name 
    -x swap=/export/swap/client-name 
    -x swapsize=size -x tz=
    time-zone -x locale=

    Adds the specified diskless client.


    Identifies that the subcommand arguments start after this point.

    -i ip-address

    Identifies the IP address of the diskless client.

    -e ethernet-address

    Identifies the Ethernet address of the diskless client.

    -n client-name

    Specifies the name of the diskless client.

    -x os=instruction-set.machine-class. .Solaris_version

    Specifies the instruction architecture, machine class, OS, and the Solaris version for the diskless client.

    -x root=root=/export/root/ client-name

    Identifies the root (/) directory for the diskless client.

    -x swap=root=/export/root/ client-name

    Identifies the swap file for the diskless client.

    -x swapsize=size

    Specifies the size of the swap file in Mbytes. The default is 24 Mbytes.

    -x tz=time-zone

    Specifies the time-zone for the diskless client.

    -x locale=locale-name

    Specifies the locale to install for the diskless client.

    For more information, see the smdiskless(1M) man page.

  3. (Optional) Continue to use the smdiskless add command to add each diskless client.

  4. Verify that the diskless clients were installed.

    # /usr/sadm/bin/smdiskless list -H host-name:898 --

Example 7–5 SPARC: Adding Diskless Client Support to a SPARC Based System

This example shows how to add Solaris 10 sun4u diskless client, starlite, from the server bearclaus.

# /usr/sadm/bin/smdiskless add -- -i -e 8:0:20:a6:d4:5b 
-n starlite -x os=sparc.sun4u.Solaris_10 -x root=/export/root/starlite 
-x swap=/export/swap/starlite -x swapsize=128 -x tz=US/Mountain 
-x locale=en_US

# /usr/sadm/bin/smdiskless list -H starlite:898 --
Loading Tool: com.sun.admin.osservermgr.cli.OsServerMgrCli from line2-v480:898
Login to line2-v480 as user root was successful.
Download of com.sun.admin.osservermgr.cli.OsServerMgrCli from line2-v480:898 was 

Note that the smdiskless list -H command output lists both SPARC based and x86 based systems.

Example 7–6 x86: Adding Diskless Client Support to an x86 Based System That is Running Oracle Solaris 10

This example shows how to add an Oracle Solaris 10 x86 based diskless client, mars, from the server bearclaus.

# /usr/sadm/bin/smdiskless add -- -i -e 00:07:E9:23:56:48
-n mars -x os=i386.i86pc.Solaris_10 -x root=/export/root/mars 
-x swap=/export/swap/mars -x swapsize=128 -x tz=US/Mountain 
-x locale=en_US