System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

ProcedureHow to Check for Software Dependencies ( prodreg)

You can use the prodreg info command to view components that depend on a specific software component. You might want to check dependencies between software products before you uninstall specific components.

  1. Open a terminal window.

  2. Browse the Oracle Solaris Product Registry.

    % prodreg browse
        BROWSE # +/-/.  UUID                                  #  NAME
        ======== =====  ====================================  =  ============
        1        -      root                                  1  System 
        2         +     a01ee8dd-1dd1-11b2-a3f2-0800209a5b6b  1  Solaris 10 
        3         +     8f64eabf-1dd2-11b2-a3f1-0800209a5b6b  1  Unclassified

    Repeat the prodreg browse command until the software component you want to check is displayed. See How to View Installed or Uninstalled Software Information (prodreg) for more information on browsing the Oracle Solaris Product Registry by using the prodreg browse command.

  3. View the dependencies of a specific software component.

    % prodreg info -m "name" -a "Dependent Components"

    Displays the attributes of the software component with the name name.

    -a “Dependent Components”

    Displays components that depend on name software by displaying the values of the Dependent Components attribute.

    This command output lists the software components that depend on name software.

Example 21–7 Viewing Components That Depend on Other Software Products (prodreg )

The following example shows how to view the components that depend on the software product that is named ExampleSoft.

% prodreg -m "ExampleSoft" -a "Dependent Components"
Dependent Components:
Name                         UUID                                  #
---------------------------  ------------------------------------  -
ExampleSoftA                 7f49ecvb-1ii2-11b2-a3f1-0800119u7e8e  1