System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

ProcedureHow to Identify Damaged Software Products (prodreg)

If you remove installed software files or packages without using the appropriate uninstaller, you can damage the software on your system. If software is damaged, the software might not function properly. You can use the info subcommand of the prodreg command to help you determine if a software product is damaged.

  1. View the Oracle Solaris Product Registry information on the software you want to check.

    % prodreg browse -m name
  2. Verify that the software component is damaged.

    % prodreg info -u name-UUID -i 1 -d
  3. Identify the packages that form the name-UUID software component.

    % prodreg info -u name-UUID -i 1 -a PKGS

    The output of this command might list more than one package.

  4. Verify that the packages displayed in the previous step are installed on the system by running the pkginfo command for each package.

    % pkginfo component-a-pkg
    % pkginfo component-b-pkg

Example 21–8 Identifying Damaged Software Components (prodreg)

The following example shows how to determine if the ExampleSoft software component is damaged.

% prodreg browse -m Examplesoft
BROWSE #  +/-/.  UUID                                  #  NAME
========  =====  ====================================  =  ============
1         -      root                                  1  System 
2          +     a01ee8dd-1dd1-11b2-a3f2-0800209a5b6b  1  Solaris 10
3          +     8f64eabf-1dd2-11b2-a3f1-0800209a5b6b  1  Unclassified 
4          -     95842091-725a-8501-ef29-0472985982be  1  ExampleSoft
233         .    90209809-9785-b89e-c821-0472985982be  1  Example Doc
234         .    EXSOzzt                               1
235         .    EXSOblob                              1  Example Data

The ExampleSoft child component EXSOzzt does not have an entry in the NAME field. The ExampleSoft software might be damaged. You would use the prodreg info command with the -u, -i, and -d options to determine if the ExampleSoft software is damaged.

% prodreg info -u 95842091-725a-8501-ef29-0472985982be -i 1 -d

The output isDamaged=TRUE indicates that the ExampleSoft software is damaged. You would use the -a PKGS option of the prodreg info command to identify the ExampleSoft software packages.

% prodreg info 
     -u 95842091-725a-8501-ef29-0472985982be 
     -i 1 -a PKGS 
EXSOzzt EXSOblob

To verify that the EXSOzzt and EXSOblob packages are installed on the system, you would use the pkginfo command.

% pkginfo EXSOzzt 
ERROR: information for "EXSOzzt" was not found 

% pkginfo EXSOblob
application EXSOblob       Example Data

The output of the pkginfo command indicates that the EXSOzzt package is not installed on the system. Thus, the ExampleSoft software is damaged.