International Language Environments Guide

Customizing IIIM behaviors

Input Method Preference Editor, iiim-properties, customizes various IIIM behaviors. For example, you can change the IM trigger key, display the IM status and language selection menu, or add and delete IMEs.

You can start iiim-properties from the command line, iiim-panel or the desktop menu (Preferences menu in JDS and workspace menu->Tools in CDE).

For more customize options and detail information, see iiim-properties online help.

Note –

IIIMF version has been upgraded from revision 10 to revision 12 since Oracle Solaris 10 6/06 release and each IME has also been upgraded correspondingly. This document explains about input methods based on IIIMF revision 12.

To upgrade IIIMF to revision 12 on earlier Oracle Solaris 10 system, apply the following patches.

120410-xx(SPARC) / 120411-xx(x86) - IIIMF rev.12 patch 
121675-xx(SPARC) / 121676-xx(x86) - Japanese ATOK17 patch 
121677-xx(SPARC) / 121678-xx(x86) - Japanese Wnn8 patch 
120412-xx(SPARC) / 120413-xx(x86) - S-Chinese patch 
120414-xx(SPARC) / 120415-xx(x86) - T-Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indic patch 

IIIMF revision 10 is no longer supported in any of Oracle Solaris 10 releases.