International Language Environments Guide

Basic Usage of Input Method

To activate and deactivate the input method, press the IM trigger key (for example, Shift_L + Alt_L). The current selected IME is activated. The Default IM trigger key is determined depending on the locale in which you log in the desktop for the first time. You can confirm the current IM trigger key by checking the Trigger Keys tab of iiiim-properties.

The IM status window shows the current input mode and selected IME. By default the IM status window is located at the bottom left corner of each application in the CDE environment. In the JDS environment, the IM status is shown on the Input Method Switcher application, iiim-panel resides in the Notification area on the Gnome panel.

To switch the IME, click the left mouse button on IM status window or iiim-panel. The language selection menu appears. Select the appropriate language that you want to switch.

Note –

When the IM status window is used, the language selection menu is not available for gnome (GTK based) applications. You can switch to the IME through non-GTK application if the option, The language is applied to all applications, is enabled in iiim-properties. Otherwise use the iiim-panel.

For more information, see iiim-properties online help.