International Language Environments Guide

ProcedureHow to Change the Keyboard Layout to the Czech Layout in the Xsun Server

  1. Determine the correct DIP switch ID (or layout ID) either from the table or from the /usr/openwin/share/etc/keytables/ file. The layout ID value in the file is a decimal value.

    For Czech, the layout ID is 53 in decimal (0x35 in hexadecimal).

  2. Convert the layout ID to binary, or use a proper Setting in Binary value from the column in the above table. For base conversion, calculator utilities such as dtcalc(1) may be used.

    For example, the correct binary value for the Czech keyboard is 110101.

  3. Shut down and power off the system.

  4. Change the DIP switch settings at the back of the keyboard by using the binary value in step 2.

    The first DIP switch is on your left. Move the switch up for 1 and down for 0.

    The Czech keyboard binary value 110101, corresponds to: Up Up Down Up Down Up

  5. Power on and boot the system for use.

    Note –

    Unlike Type 4 keyboards, Type 5 and 5c keyboards have only five DIP switches. For the Type 5 and 5c keyboards, disregard the first binary digit. For the Czech Type 5c keyboard, for example, the correct DIP switch settings are Up Down Up Down Up, using only the last five digits from 10101.