Korean Solaris User's Guide

Hanja Tool Features

The Hanja Tool enables you to add or delete entries in a local Hangul–Hanja dictionary. This capability controls the available Hanja choices in the Hangul–Hanja conversion mode.

Note –

The system-wide Hangul–Hanja dictionary is read-only and cannot be edited.

The Hanja Tool is a viewer for the Hangul–Hanja dictionary, Because the dictionary file is in binary format, you would be unable to view it without the Hanja Tool.

Hanja Tool allows you to add an user-based Hangul–Hanja entry. The Hanja Tool adds the user-based Hangul–Hanja entry as an extension to the read-only, system-wide Hangul–Hanja dictionary, /usr/lib/im/locale/ko_KR/common/data/syshjd. Each user's entry for Hangul–Hanja conversion works seamlessly together with the system-wide Hangul–Hanja entry.