Korean Solaris User's Guide

How to Use the Hanja Lookup Mode

  1. Press Control-spacebar to turn on Hangul input conversion.

  2. Type the appropriate sequence of keystrokes to compose a Hangul character in the preedit area for your Hanja pronunciation.

    The preceding context describes the graphic.
  3. Type Control-W to display the lookup window.

    Note –

    If the Hanja candidate is the only one in the dictionary, Control-W could automatically commit the candidate depending on option set in the Input Method Options Auxiliary window. For information on the Options Auxiliary window, see Input Method Options

    The preceding context describes the graphic.
  4. Press the following keys to navigate page by page through the lookup choices that are available for the Hanja pronunciation you enter.

    Table 4–2 Lookup Choice Navigation Keys




    Next Page 

    Page Up 

    Next Page 


    Previous Page 

    Page Down 

    Previous Page 

  5. When you find a page with the character you want, click the character or press the Enter key to select it. To move from one character to another on the same page, press the Spacebar.

  6. You change the format of a committed string using the keys in the following table.

    Table 4–3 Formatting Keys for Committed Strings


    Committed Format 


    Hanja characters 


    Hangul characters (converted Hanja characters) 


    Hanja characters (converted Hangul characters) 


    Format set in the Input Method Option Auxiliary window