Simplified Chinese Solaris User's Guide

Chapter 2 Introduction to the Simplified Chinese Solaris Software

This chapter describes the design of the Simplified Chinese Solaris software. These sections also provide information on the locales supported in the Simplified Chinese Solaris environment. Topics in this chapter include:

Design of the Simplified Chinese Solaris Software

The Simplified Chinese localization of the internationalized release of CDE provides two work environments: a user environment and a developer environment. Each environment is localized to handle the linguistic and cultural conventions that are unique to the Simplified Chinese language.

Setting a Simplified Chinese Locale

You can set any of the following locales when you login to your Simplified Chinese desktop:

How to Set the Locale at Login

You can set your default locale or change it with the following procedure.The preceding context describes the graphic.

  1. Choose Language from the options menu on the login screen.

  2. Select the C, zh, zh.UTF-8, zh_CN.GB18030, or zh.GBK locale.

    The new locale is set for your CDE session.