Simplified Chinese Solaris User's Guide

Using Simplified Chinese Fonts in DPS Programming

You can use Simplified Chinese fonts just as you use Roman fonts in DPS wrap definitions. The following code sample creates the display in the Hello World figure.

	defineps PSWDisplayText(char *text)
        	/pointSize 50 def
        	/Helvetica pointSize selectfont
        	(Hello World) stringwidth pop 2 div neg 0 moveto
        	(Hello World) show
        	/cpSize 40 def
        	/Song-Medium cpSize selectfont
        	(text) stringwidth pop 2 div neg pointSize neg moveto
        	(text) show

You can call PSWDisplayText(Chinese text) in a C program to display the designated Chinese text.

Window shows the text Hello World in English and in Simplified Chinese characters.

The Simplified Chinese Solaris software provides TrueType support in DPS.