x86 Assembly Language Reference Manual

Instruction Overview

It is beyond the scope of this manual to document the x86 architecture instruction set. This chapter provides a general mapping between the Solaris x86 assembly language mnemonics and the Intel or AMD mnemonics to enable you to refer to your vendor's documentation for detailed information about a specific instruction. Instructions are grouped by functionality in tables with the following sections:

For certain Solaris mnemonics, the allowed data type suffixes for that mnemonic are indicated in braces ({}) following the mnemonic. For example, bswap{lq} indicates that the following mnemonics are valid: bswap, bswapl (which is the default and equivalent to bswap), and bswapq. See Instructions for information on data type suffixes.

To locate a specific Solaris x86 mnemonic, look up the mnemonic in the index.